Credit scores aren’t fair or reliable.
Now they don’t have to be.

Unlock value and certainty from transaction data.
A new alternative to traditional credit scores.

What we do

Bank transaction data is beginning to replace traditional credit scores. This data (after deep analysis, pattern recognition and categorisation) offers a holistic and up-to-date picture of each customer’s financial position, lifestyle and existing commitments - enabling you to make smarter lending decisions and gain the competitive edge.

More certainty, less risk.

How it works

AccountScore takes raw data from Yodlee, and carries out a three-stage process in order to produce data which can be easily utilised and understood.

1. Normalisation

The first pass on Yodlee’s data repairs chronological ambiguities and duplicate transactions; then splits out known vendor names, card details and other additional information into distinct fields.

2. Categorisation

The next step matches each and every transaction through our Categorisation engine, which finds matches from a database of well over 2 million keywords - applying detailed and accurate categories and subcategories to each row.

3. Recurrence

Finally, patterns within the data are identified, enabling accurate disposable income calculations to take into account expected expenses, and alerting to possible missed payments.

What we deliver

After the above data transformation, the following information is readily accessible, via our API or your own web-portal.

Multiple bank accounts, Recurring Outgoings, Debit Card Analysis, Reversals and Bank Charges, Income Summary, Financial Services, Category Breakdown, Recent Transactions and Balance Tracking.

SafetyNet Credit - a case study

SafetyNet Credit is a leading credit facility - with a difference. AccountScore enables SafetyNet Credit to be smarter and more flexible than its alternatives.

Not only does SafetyNet Credit utilise AccountScore to make responsible and defensible lending decisions, it also stands out from the crowd with unique features such as smarter borrowing and automatic repayments, made possible with its AccountScore integration.

Smarter Borrowing

Customers can reborrow without reapplying thanks to an up-to-date affordability assessment always available from AccountScore.

Automatic Repayments

Convenient automatic repayments are triggered when AccountScore detects an appropriate balance increase.

Automatic SafetyNet

Triggered by the AccountScore’s balance alerts when the customer’s balance goes under a pre-agreed level - automatically extending a short-term loan to cover their account.

Money Management Tools

SafetyNet Credit shares a balance history graph and spending data with its customers, to help them to understand their finances - all powered by AccountScore.

Already using transaction data?

If you are already making use of transactional data (either with an existing Yodlee integration or via any other source), you can still get all the benefits of our Normalisation, Categorisation and Recurrence process with AccountScore Lite - a quick and easy integration of AccountScore designed to help you get the most out of the data you already have.

Markets covered

The AccountScore service is currently available in the UK, USA and India. If your company is based in one of those three jurisdictions and you want to explore further how using AccountScore and bank transaction data can transform your business, then please get in contact via the following details:

Telephone: +44(0) 207 030 3000

We also have plans to expand into further jurisdictions imminently, so if you are based in a different location and wish to explore using AccountScore, please don’t hesitate to get in contact and we can share our plans for your location.

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What does your MiData say about you?

You may have noticed a new feature which has recently appeared in your online banking – the ability to select MiData and download 12 months of transaction history from your account. MiData is a government initiative to give you access to your data so you can send it to other businesses who might be able to offer you better deals.

Check your MiData now

Our free of charge AccountScore MiData checker explains what your MiData file says about you.

Try our MiData tool to see what this data holds for you.